Holes - Louis Sachar

This book is about a boy Named Stanley Yelnats. Stanley is sent of to a detention camp for stealing shoes. He meets a boy named zero there and they become unlikely friends. Stanley and Zero get into some trouble so Zero runs away. Stanley goes after him into the desert. After Zero gets sick from eating some bad peach preserves Stanley carries Zero up a mountain. This breaks a long curse on the Yelnats family. The boys return to camp but dig in a hole where they found something interesting before. In the same hole they found a treasure chest with Stanley's name on it. The boys are released from the detention camp and are rich from the treasure inside the chest.

This is a great journey book about building character and a coming of age story. I would use this in upper elementary grades. I would use this book in literature circles to help introduce the students into longer chapter books. 

 Lexile Level: 660L